Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Everything's about OSO!

I limit the kids TV watching and the only three shows that they have really watched have been Sesame Street, Mickey Mouse Club House, and Special Agent Oso. We have watched a few movies and they know many characters because of books, toys, and coloring books. The reason I love the shows they watch so much is because they are educational and they really pick up on things that they see on it.

Every time we do something new, like today when we were playing outside they laid down and made snow angels, they always say that they are doing it "just like Oso!" They have learned about foot ball from Oso, sledding, snow angels, putting on clothes and shoes, and so much more.

Just yesterday Matthew helped Ben make his coffee and told me that they did "Three special steps like Oso!" then went on to explain the steps. Step one, put the sugar in! Step two, pour the coffee! Step three, add the creamer and stir!

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