Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas 2015

I heard some stirring in the other room then little voices say"I think it is morning time!"  "Do you think Santa came?"  A big groan out of Aubrey which I am sure would have been followed by her yelling at the boys for waking her but she was quickly reminded it was Christmas.  We went down to see what we would find...

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve 2015

Cameron's Christmas wish this year was to spend Christmas at Papa's camp.  It put a lot of pressure on papa to get it done enough for us to stay but he did it and we had four very happy kids!  Cameron insisted since it was Christmas at camp we had to go cut down a "Charlie Brown Tree" to put up for Santa to leave gifts underneath so off we went to find the perfect one.


Once it was found Matthew skipped out of the hard work as everyone else worked together to cut down the tree...

Matthew thought his job should be supervisor...

Callie figured she would just watch.

They were so proud of their tree!

Decorating it with care!

We took a quick trip down the road to wish a Merry Christmas to our friend Bill.  Seeing the kids brought a smile to his face!

Then the kids decided to take pictures with my camera!

Photobomb by Cam!

Time to go to sleep and let Santa come! 

What would a Christmas be without Hickey Family Jammies?

Ohhhhh....looks like Santa came!


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