Monday, June 30, 2014

Fishing with Daddy and Papa!

Papa took Daddy and the kiddos to camp for the day and they were thrilled to go out on the boat fishing!  Matthew caught the biggest fish, which of course he was scared of so there was no getting a picture of just him with the fish!

Brady was proud to get the second biggest fish of the day!  I love this picture of my big guy!

Who knew Princess could fish...and touch fish!  Miss Aubrey is a fishing queen.

Cameron caught the smallest fish of the day but he was ok with that!

because Matthew let him claim his! 

Group Pic!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

North Country Dance Academy Recital 2014

I was a little worried when the fab four decided that they wanted to attempt to do dance again this year after last year's epic failure but they had a fabulous year dancing and loved Miss Jody!  As they got ready to go to the recital there were many mixed emotions and Ben and I were certain that there was no way they would all go on and do their performance.  To our surprise they not only did it but they did it so well!  We are so proud of them for overcoming their fears, showing dedication and practicing so hard!  

Up first was their baby ballet routine.  They did amazing!  

Up next was their Jazz Dance!  They were so excited to play with the steering wheels and pretend they were driving. It was another very cute routine.

The finale came and they all got to come on stage one last time!

All four got a trophy for first year completion then we put the video away and we were all surprised by Brady getting a huge achievement award for his hard work and dedication.  We were so proud of him and wished we would have captured the moment on video.  

Showing off their trophies!

I think they were spoiled! 

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Santa's Village!

Our annual Father's Day tradition continues with a mid afternoon trip to Santa's Village. The kids are finally tall enough to go on most rides solo!  No more waiting in line 4 times to get them all on each ride they need an adult with them.  Awesome milestone!

The log ride was a huge hit for the fab four!

My Gingerbread family!

Spin, spin, spin!!!

Up, up and away!

Crazy kids on the Chimney Drop...four times in a row!

I love that they have this!  Yearly pics with the measuring tape to see how they have grown.

Big enough to drive the cars alone!

Don't even try to buckle or unbuckle them...they got this!

Putting out the fire.  Brady even swapped guns with Aubrey when she couldn't get hers to work.

Raft racers!

They can't wait to use our return passes to have a full day of fun at Santa's Village!

We've been FLOCKED!

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