Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Stats to start 2012

Matthew: 26 lbs 8 oz

Brady: 32 lbs 12 oz

Aubrey: 23 lbs 14 oz

Cameron: 28 lbs 7 oz

Counting: They all can count to 4 consistantly and to 10 if they concentrate. Most of the time it is more like 1,2,3,4,7,8,9,5,6,7,9 but they try hard and do their best.

Alphabet: Brady and Aubrey can say the alphabet very well, Cameron and Matthew both attempt it and do well...again if they are concentrating!

Spelling: We have been working on spelling their names. Brady can do it without prompting, Cameron spells C-A-M and Matthew spells M-A-T-T and Aubrey tries but usually forgets a letter or two.

Singing: They all like to sing and remember any songs. I love listening to them singing when they don't think anyone can hear them.

Feelings: They are all able to put labels on their feelings as well as feelings of others. They know when people are happy, sad or mad and when you are sad they try to make you happy by giving you hugs and kisses or trying to make you laugh.

Coping: They are finally starting to learn that using their words works better than using their teeth when dealing with each other. They do still fight...often but they also do try to "trade" for something they want.

Self Help: All four of them can put on their slippers and boots independantly but still need a little help with their sneakers. They can put on their own socks, underwear and pants when they want to and help with their shirts. They need help with jackets but can put on their own hats.

Gross Motor skills: They all are hopping, marching and skipping. They can do the stairs very well all on their own holding onto the railing. They have mastered the art of climbing on the climber and going down the slide. The are able to kick the ball and to play catch with pretty good aim.

Fine Motor skills: They love to build towers with their blocks, put the train tracks together to race their trains on them, and the do a great job with their puzzles. They love to color, paint and write on paper. Matthew is definitely showing a left hand preference and the other three are showing a right hand preference. I have yet to allow them to use sissors but I need to put that on our list of things to learn this year.

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