Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Making cider and picking pumpkins

On a cold Satday afternoon we headed over to Grammie and Papa's to pick some pumpkins and have fun with some of the cousins.  Shockingly, everyone picked one without any arguments! I was pretty proud that Cameron picked a nice big pumpkin and not a tiny squash this year.  

After we were done with that we went and made nearly 30 jugs of Apple cider!  Cameron was the worker of the day and stayed and helped throw apples into the box the entire time while the others went off and were playing in the yard.

Monday, October 19, 2015


The kids opted out of soccer this year but decided they want to give gymnastics a shot and they are LOVING it!  It is only a 6 week class but they are already talking about wanting to join again in the spring for the next session.  Aubrey had been very nervous to try the high balance bar but once she did she became a pro in no time!  They are now asking for Ben to build them a balance beam and a bar to do flips on.  Matthew needs to calm down a little bit and pay better attention and he could do so much better...may separating him from the rest of the tribe is something that could work in his favor.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Student of the Month!

Brady was so proud to bring home this amazing certificate after being nominated by his teacher and chosen to receive the award.  He is a great example to his peers and we couldn't be more proud of him!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Lego Land

A day at Lego Land was finally here!  They have been itching to go since they picked up the brochure this past summer.  It definitely was not a disappointment.  They had so much fun here!

The lego displays of Boston's points of interest were amazing!

A bunch of Jokers!

The Ninjago training room was so much fun.  They each did the course multiple times and would have done it more if the lines hadn't started forming.

A fun place to build cars to race.  So neat!

Brady was proud that the employee asked if they could display his apples under the NH group!

We checked out the 4D movie, rode the rides and headed out.  Definitely a fun afternoon!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Boston Duck Boat tour

Instead of buying gifts for the kids birthday this year we decided to make memories!  They decided on Lego Land in Boston so we decided to make it a weekend.  Great Grammie and Great Grandpa paid for them to take a trip on the duck boat for our first stop!  They were pretty impressed by the huge dinosaur outside the science museum as we waited for our ride to arrive...

Time for the tour!

Awe...brotherly love!

The Princess with her Prince.

The water tour was of more interest to these four than the land but we heard a lot of history and saw many sites in Boston during the 90 minute ride.

Oh no!  Look who's driving the duck boat!  QUACK!  QUACK!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Corn Maze and Apple Picking

One thing I have always wanted to do was take a trip to the Great Vermont Corn Maze and since we had a weekend with nothing to do we called up some friends and went on our way to have some fun!  

The kids were impressed by the large corn stalks and had a ball collecting all the punches on their cards.  Each punch was a different shape and they all made bets on which shape was up next!

Cameron was pretty impressed to find Dinosaurs in the maze.  Matthew told him it was fake but he was certain that it was a fossil...

YAY!!!!  We found our way out!

More dinos!  Eric didn't pay any attention to the no climbing sign and stuck all the kids up there for a photo op!

Time to burn off some energy playing in the forest!

Oh Cameron...always wanting to pose for pics.  I told him he could be a gorilla baby.

A glance into the future perhaps? ;)

Petting zoo to end the corn maze fun.

Oh those boys!

Time to search for the perfect apples!

Hayride around the apple orchard before heading home for the day!

We didn't get enough apple picking in so we took another trip with the Felthun Quads! A little glimpse into our future!

We've been FLOCKED!

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