Thursday, January 26, 2012

A week of nothing

This week has been pretty boring...not that life is ever really boring with quadruplets but we have had a very uneventful week. The kids all have the sniffles that seem to be never ending this winter but other than that everyone is healthy. Nearly two and a half year olds have been providing some new challenges and really like to see how far they can push things.

Matthew has been extra challenging the past few weeks. He is a whining, crying, clingy mess most days and I have no idea how to change that. I have tried sending him to his room until he is ready to come down not whining and it works temporarily but then he is right back at it.

Brady thinks he is the boss of everyone. He must think that because he is so much bigger than the other three that he is the "adult" because he mocks every single thing I say.

Aubrey must miss being a baby because the baby talk coming out of that girls mouth lately is driving me up the wall. I cannot stand baby talk and I swear she does it just in spite of that because she will do it then smirk at me.

Cameron is still working on his colors so when he is insistant that I need to find him is "org-gange"truck I am not sure if he really means orange or if in fact he means a green one and there is always a specific one he wants and doesn't just accept a replacement for it.

The weekend ahead is a pretty quiet one as well so we will finally have some down time and the kids can take out the big train set that they are bugging me about right now as they are sitting in the tub. I think a pajama day is in order for Saturday!

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