Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 Year in Review...

This year has gone by just as fast as each of the others.  I cannot say that I am sad to see 2014 come to a close but I am looking forward to all that 2015 has to offer.

January 2014 - We took a trip to Connecticut for the first birthday of our twin cousins Addison and Ashton.  Had a play date with some cute triplets and their older brother.  They began to remember their sleep stories aka dreams!

February 2014 - Daddy and Aubrey had their annual date to the ball while Mommy and the boys headed out for a date to Chutter's.  The fabulous foursome enjoyed their very first ice fishing trip with Daddy,

March 2014 - We went to a bowling party and Aubrey broke 2 of her fingers.  The Leprechaun came and sprinkled the house in green.  Cameron discovered the art of devising a plan and having his siblings carry it out for him.

April 2014 - We took a trip to Boston to visit Bumpa and pay a visit to the NICU.  It was so nice to see the nurses who took such good care of our babies and to fill them in on the adventures of the past 4 years.  The fab four participated in an egg hunt and Cameron was the finder of the golden egg and won a prize!  The Easter Bunny made his yearly trip.

May 2014 - We started the month with a fun day at the Fairbanks Museum playing with all the experiments and watching the planetarium show.  Another year of T-ball began and the bittersweet moment of Kindergarten registration was here.  Mom and Dad enjoyed a trip to Greece and the annual quad mom trip took place in Boston. We finished up the month with a trip to Connecticut for a visit with Great Grandpa Reynolds.

June 2014 - Aubrey lost her first tooth!  We spent a weekend with the MacLeod Crowd just hanging out and enjoying time with our quad friends.  Kindergarten step up day was a success for the foursome and they rocked their very first dance recital!

July 2014 - We spent many days using our Story Land Season passes and enjoying the long summer days.

August 2014 - Brady had his hernia removed and had a tough time staying down for 3 days.  The MacLeods came to the north country and we showed them the sites.  We went hiking with Bumpa and took a trip to Disney World all before the first day of school.

September 2014 - Another fun year at the Lancaster Fair!  The fab four turned the big number 5!!!!  They had their first open house at school and were so proud to show off the classroom.

October 2014 - The quads got their first ride on Daddy's motorcycle.  We took our annual trip to Windy Ridge to do some apple picking.  It was a huge month for Brady as he lost his first tooth and was awarded Student of the Month!

November 2014 - Dance classes began again and the kiddos wrote letters to Santa all on their own!  Thanksgiving reminded us of all we have to be thankful for and we spent our first night at Papa's camp.

December 2014 - Matthew underwent surgery for adenoid removal and ear tubes and was a trooper! Jingle B helped keep the kids in line and they performed at their first Winter Concert.  Christmas season was fun filled and crazy busy.

Christmas Day 2014

It was a Merry Christmas for all of us.  The day was perfect, relaxed and Brady summed it up best by saying "The best part is spending time with my family."

Matthew had been up at 12am, 1am and 4am asking if Santa had came yet.  So when the other three decided to wake at 5:30 he was sound asleep.  They were very patient snuggling in bed with mom and dad until Matthew wished us all a Merry Christmas over the monitor at 6:30.  They couldn't wait to get down stairs.

A quick visit with their friend Bill before Christmas lunch at Grammie and Papa Amadon's then home for dinner with Bumpa, Memere, uncles and all their cousins.

Santa came!

He must have loved the milk and cookies!

Santa was very smart...brought them each the one gift they asked for and with their stockings left something for each of them to go along with the gifts.  He asked them to share and so far they are doing amazing with it! 

Matthew's Power Ranger Trainer...he will be a Red Ranger before we know it!

Cameron got the Ninja Turtle Lair that he has asked EVERYONE for in the past 4 months!

Brady got his Lego Table that he had been hoping for!

Aubrey got her doll house...the only thing missing was an elevator.

Christmas Eve at Grammie and Papa Brann's.

They got SPOILED!!!  All the gifts under the tree made it look like Santa had made an early appearance.  Each of them got several gifts they were hoping for and we came home with WAAAAAYYY more stuff that we knew what to do with.  Good thing we cleaned out the old toys!

We've been FLOCKED!

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