Friday, January 20, 2012

Update on the big kid beds!

Night #1- Cameron fell off the bed shortly after falling asleep because he put his Elmos on the end with the rail because he was certain that they would fall off. After I got him back in bed he decided sleeping in between his Elmos would be best...then they all would be safe. Aubrey fell off the bed 4 times and one time I could not find her anywhere! She was all the way under her bed...crazy girl!

Night #2- We put one of the long bed rails on Aubrey's bed, now she barely has room to climb in but at least she didn't fall out! Brady fell out of bed in the beginning of the night but picked himself up and was covering himself back up when I got in there. Matthew woke up in the morning and tried to stand up against his crib rail (the one that is no longer there) just as Ben went in to get him and he ended up face planting on the ground in front of him.

Night #3- Success! Not a single one fell out of bed!

Night #4- Another good it really going this well?!?!

Night #5- Cameron and Aubrey thought it was funny to get up at nap time and come out to the gate and yell to me. After a few reminders Cameron finally stayed in his bed for the rest of nap time even though he didn't nap. Bed time was great though, no one up and no one fell out!

Night #6- A great night...other than sick kiddos! Aubrey spent the night in our room in the spare toddler bed because she was so sick.

Night #7- Everyone went to bed great...even Matthew who told me "mommy, I too tired to sleep!" Another transisition that went smoother than anticipated and I am so proud of my big kids!

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