Thursday, March 28, 2013

End of an Era...

Last week we said goodbye to naps.  It was kind of a bittersweet moment in our house...sad because it is unbelievable that they are really old enough to give them up but happy with the results of no naps!  No naps means bed at 7-7:15 and sound asleep within minutes, giving me some downtime and time to get things done that I don't have time for during the day.

The past several months of trying to salvage nap time has been stressful to say the least!  It was two hours of them needing something, whining, crying, talking, me getting increasingly frustrated, one or two maybe falling asleep for 45 minutes while the rest rolled around being louder and louder which in turn made bed time be the exact same way.  The one or two that fell asleep at nap time were up for an hour or more at bed time and the others were out cold in minutes.  Three to four hours of stress, aggravation, and lots of both mom and kiddos...each day just wasn't worth it anymore!

Nap time is a challenge because we still have the daycare here five days a week so being quiet is a challenge.  I don't allow them to have much TV so trying to find other quiet activities five days a week is difficult but it is far less stressful than the alternative.  Bedtime without a peep is worth it all!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

"I don't like mashin' tatoes!"

Although Aubrey's favorite food of all time is Shepherd's Pie she insists she doesn't like mashed potatoes.  She gags just putting them in her mouth.  The other day I was making Shepherd's Pie and she saw me making mashed potatoes and asked what they were for because "I don't like mashin' tatoes!"  I looked at her like she had two heads and told her I was making Shephard's Pie.  She said "So, the mashin' tatoes are for supper?  Do I have to eat them?"  I realized that she didn't realize that they were actually in the Shepherd's Pie so I told her yes.

When dinner time came around she asked where they were so I told her I threw them out because I knew she didn't like them.  Ben asked them what they had for lunch and she told him "My favorite!  Shepherd's Pie!" So I asked her what was in Shepherd's Pie and she said "Hamburger, corn and Shephard's Pie!"  I guess we will keep the mashed potato secret a little longer so we don't ruin her favorite food!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

March of Dimes Fundraising

Our family will be walking in the March of Dimes walk in May at Dartmouth and we are helping raise money for the March of Dimes in memory of our friend Melanie Elliott's boys, Sammy & Andy and our friend Kristy Currier Nadeau's girls, Aryelle and Kendall. You can donate directly by going to our team page and finding our name on the team list  Also we are also doing Scentsy, Velata, & Grace Adele mystery hostess parties where 25% of the profits will go to our March of Dimes team. The links are below. If you order from the party, you will be entered to win the hostess rewards in the group of everyone that orders (i.e. mystery hostess)! Please let either of us know if you have questions and thank you in advance for letting me share!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Matthew the hoarder

One of these days Matthew is going to be on an episode of Hoarders...the boy is a pack rat!  He moves all his stuff around with him from upstairs to downstairs.  When he sleeps it all goes under his pillow so that no one has a chance to touch his stuff.  Sometimes it is so bad that he takes up 3 out of the 6 seats in the living room with his junk.  Even his siblings tell him to clean up his hoarder stuff!  I hope that this is just a faze and he outgrows it quickly before it drives me totally insane!

All his stuff under his pillow for safe keeping!
 photo 082_zps6476711e.jpg

Monday, March 18, 2013

St. Patrick's Day

I never realized that St. Patrick's Day was a holiday meant to be celebrated with very specific traditions until one day last week my children told me all about the Leprechaun and how he leaves green snacks and gold coins like the ones you find at the end of the rainbow.  Where they got this idea is beyond me but I was glad they let me in on the little secret before the big day came and they were disappointed because the Leprechaun didn't follow through on his duties!

The sneaky little Leprechaun snuck in and scattered gold coins all around...
 photo 007_zps28bfabf0.jpg

Then he made a trail of coins from the stairway to the kitchen table...
 photo 006_zps1ec4ebd8.jpg

Where he left them a note and a rainbow made with their favorite Starburst jellybeans and some chocolate gold coins...
 photo 010_zps4516a5ec.jpg

And a green little juice box for each of them...
 photo 008_zps2970072e.jpg

And some green cupcakes hidden in the fridge for later in the day...
 photo 009_zps509c9331.jpg

Sunday, March 17, 2013

42 months!

They are getting far too big!
Matthew- 32.5 lbs and 38"
Brady- 40 lbs and 40"
Aubrey- 28.5 lbs 37.25"
Cameron- 32.5 lbs and 38"

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Partying with Aidan!

We went Chuck E Cheese to celebrate Aidan's 2nd birthday and the kids were thrilled as it is their favorite place on earth...aside for Disney of course!  They are at the age where they can just go off and play and know how to play all the games and to make sure to grab their tickets.

 photo 6388f9c7-43fb-446f-9b62-aebfff599e4c_zps94adc4a1.jpg

 photo 2b6b1349-0bb1-40a5-b1e0-9e52ef19d011_zpsfc003aa3.jpg

 photo c3ee9049-fbe4-4224-b892-0b58d93ab449_zps277565f1.jpg

 photo ea78bfe8-8a62-403c-a836-0989fa7d15c2_zps4778fef3.jpg

 photo ada4d323-f931-40ae-bf19-ec3071ef80bc_zps4c9fc59d.jpg

 photo a95b7f14-040c-4402-a9f6-bbbae9a84b89_zpsaec1bca7.jpg

 photo b774cb81-59a0-4a7a-a8f3-dfe5e93104b3_zps3d4a2201.jpg

 photo a8397cad-5564-4855-bbbc-afabeeb12fd3_zpsf8d652fe.jpg

 photo ad623a65-db1b-4e97-b37d-2fa838f56217_zpsa535f158.jpg

 photo 8223a9b3-2572-4eae-af1e-d69c87f78a65_zpsf499854d.jpg

 photo f02f799b-e952-4860-8a14-1a792ff50858_zps0126d0d9.jpg

 photo 9dc7be43-cd6d-41e0-bbd5-b15ef96dcb7f_zps00d59f9d.jpg

 photo 1246f3e8-4ebe-4899-89aa-0407b88c1872_zps300fec3f.jpg

 photo a0f42f6f-0137-4a87-8fbf-df7200e268e7_zpsa88e0501.jpg

 photo 620dd389-49c7-4ca3-bbdb-981c5a4342a3_zps1b6fb5a8.jpg

 photo d7cbece0-c74b-420c-9c17-7e9c4d0292bb_zpsd5388e8d.jpg

The birthday boy playing some games!
 photo 2bde8ba8-dac3-4505-898b-d2fdfa017134_zps5ea466f0.jpg

 photo 5f51f1f5-8eb5-4739-99c6-4ce1fdac0aa0_zpsb17fa39c.jpg

 photo cb0d530e-74f0-45d5-90bb-c853cba28fa7_zps56b6fb90.jpg

Cameron was in love with Chuck E!
 photo 0ed2b5c7-4bf6-418e-b904-a0577ef5007a_zpsdd216fdb.jpg

 photo 076aad55-a5c3-42e4-a80a-b48788f358e8_zps3c7936bd.jpg

Happy Birthday Aidan!
 photo a749c87d-2f4e-43e6-bc03-79f78f3b29bd_zpse88d051e.jpg

 photo f71b1fe5-05f0-49a8-8a06-edb3168059fb_zps49c53916.jpg

Dancing the Happy Birthday song with Chuck E!
 photo 6177598f-5a21-4a9f-9b3e-f4ae7ed986b6_zps97b7d222.jpg

Thursday, March 14, 2013

We began using a preschool curriculum I found online with the kids in September.  Some days the activities are too advanced for their age so I modify but they are doing so well and learning all sorts of things.  They have been working very hard on writing their names and for the most part they got it down pretty well.  I am so proud of them!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Baking with Bumpa

The kids were excited when Bumpa came over with stuff to make sugar cookies and brownie bites and something to decorate them too!  They all love to cook so this was a fun treat for them!

 photo 6363d581-780a-4564-80f0-59340368bcd5_zpscd0abe7f.jpg

 photo df32e684-28e6-496e-a4ea-59906a384cd4_zps993d0383.jpg

 photo 83557a55-9aab-4253-9702-2685d8dcbced_zps2e74c026.jpg

 photo 6eee0e1e-89f7-48d3-9c6c-050fc1dbe370_zps5b65d606.jpg

 photo 1379cfa9-4d71-48fb-b0ae-4887efd72983_zpsaebe66e8.jpg

Monday, March 11, 2013

The Royal Sleepover!

Ever since Aubrey saw the episode of Sofia the First about the Royal Sleepover she has been asking to have one.  When the chance came up for her bestie Kamryn to come spend the night, Aubrey was overjoyed!  I think we could have gotten her to do ANYTHING yesterday..."If you want Kam to come you need to ______!"

After I picked Kamryn up I looked in the rear view mirror and they were both grinning ear to ear!  We met the boys at McDonald's for a little supper and they were all treated to Happy Meals.  The girls were very excited to find crowns in their bags!  The little Princesses of McDonald's!
 photo 51466c13-e17a-4535-a1a2-3c81bc591b0f_zpse29e35df.jpg

We got home and the little Princesses took a bath then put on some Princess night dresses then we headed down stairs for mani/pedi's while the boys took their turn in the tub.  A little sparkle!
 photo e6dc50b1-2dac-4601-b965-b9c83f76493d_zpsb4d1552c.jpg

 photo 6c7ad1d0-cf2a-46f1-ad2c-8286e44be527_zps82a5178c.jpg

 photo 9b04a959-42e6-493c-8d8d-83385813b500_zpsb66c541b.jpg

Next up the girls made me sparkly!
 photo a0bbbbe4-1298-4136-902e-070b7f24d7f6_zps867a7565.jpg

 photo d07edfeb-d93c-4786-80c7-a33fcd732ec1_zpse55848a0.jpg

 photo ec0b25ad-6862-4345-b2fc-ff337d5ee2ee_zpsea78305a.jpg

 photo ddb23c16-b82f-4f22-afb3-96c73cec3b8d_zps063ef1a4.jpg

Beautiful friends!
 photo 1eeaecd0-6e29-40b5-a9e8-cf9ca8411150_zps71aecf3e.jpg

A little snack and some Tangled before bed!
 photo 9153badd-49a0-4dc2-9588-a2c17c94171a_zpsd28ba5c9.jpg

First they wanted to have separate beds, then they decided to share a bed...
 photo 081_zps52f54256.jpg

Then they all decided a camp out was in order!
 photo 083_zps61710621.jpg

 photo 084_zpsccaa06a4.jpg

 photo 082_zps6476711e.jpg

 photo 086_zps57b10590.jpg

 photo 087_zps2fd61bfd.jpg

The boys!
 photo 085_zps8779dc27.jpg

The girls!
 photo 088_zps79383944.jpg

We've been FLOCKED!

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