Sunday, January 29, 2012

Oh the things they say!

I just want a list of funny, crazy or sweet things that they said at 2 years old so I can look back and laugh so where better to do that than in our blog books!

"OH, I got my baby!"- Brady as he gives you the biggest bear hug ever

"I too tired to sleep!"-Matthew

"I only two hands!"- Cameron when I ask him to do something and he is busy doing something else. I think he heard me say "I only have two hands" a few times!

"I not Lucas, YOU'RE Lucas!"- Matthew whenever you call him Matthew Lucas.

"Your legs broken? Daddy go store and buy some batteries?"- Cameron when I told him I was not bouncing him on my legs right then.

"NOOOO! She's Baby Abby!"- Aubrey when someone tells her that Abby is just a doll.

"I love you 6 (or any other number they can think of!)- all four monkeys

"ME LISTEN!"- whichever three aren't getting in trouble at that very moment for not listening.

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