Thursday, February 2, 2012

Time to buy an alarm clock

Our tiny alarm clocks have been failing us lately but I am not complaining! The kids were getting up by 6 am every single morning but for the past 2 weeks they have been sleeping in until 6:30-7 am every single weekday morning. I love that they are getting their sleep but when you have to be up and ready for work by 7 it kind of puts a kink into it when you roll over and your alarm clock says 6:45! Now if they would only decide that sleeping in on the weekends is as cool as the weekdays we will be happy!

When Brady is the first to wake up he typically will sit quietly and play with his animals. The other morning I got to listen on the monitor to him singing ring around the rosie and appearently his lion wasn't following directions because he keep saying "Fall down wy-lan! Come on!"

When Cameron wakes he will call to me "Mommy! Mommy-O!" and then sit and play for a few minutes before he calls again. Matthew and Aubrey will call me and cry until I go get them but amazingly even though they are fully capable of getting out of their big kid beds no one gets up until I open the door and tell them to come.

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