Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Aubrey the Gardener

I am not great at growing flowers or keeping them alive even but Aubrey is obsessed with planting flowers, having flowers in her vases and all things that have to do with flowers.  She was very happy to have a girls afternoon with Grammie planting flowers and she even brought some home to plant for all of us to enjoy. 

Monday, May 18, 2015

Cameron looses a tooth!

For weeks now Cameron has had a loose tooth and has been scared to have it pulled out because it "might hurt" and it "might bleed".  Finally he took a bite of breakfast and it was hanging by a single thread.  He didn't want me to pull it out so I said I would just look but I may have helped it out a little bit when it "fell" out.  He was excited to put it under his pillow before bed and went right to sleep so the tooth fairy would come.

This morning he was very happy to see that not only did he get a $1 but he also got his special tooth fairy coin just like all the rest of the kids!

We've been FLOCKED!

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