Sunday, June 30, 2013

Souvenirs from Hawaii

Silly boys and the little Princess posing it up in their Hawaii shirts!

I got them each a ukulele and they LOVE them!  The love to sing songs, make up songs and sing us to sleep at night.  They also think since summer is here hanging out in their underwear at night is the way to go...Crazy kids!

Cameron playing Hakuna Matata

Matthew playing Prince Hugo's Horse is Sleeping

Aubrey playing a combination of Hakuna Matata and Part of this World

Brady rocking out to some song

The fab four playing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

and their version of Hakuna Matata

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Father's Day Fishing Derby!

While I was soaking up the sun enjoying my free Hawaiian vacation Daddy and the foursome went to the annual Father's Day fishing derby in Stark.  They all love to go fishing and were thrilled to spend the day doing something special with Daddy.  They had a lot of help from Grammie, Papa, Uncle Tom and Auntie Kate as well.  Here they are ready to fish!

They all caught their limit!  They were soooo proud!

Getting their fish measured!

First place for biggest fish goes to Matthew!  He got his trophy awarded to him by one of his best buddies, Noah!

I wish I could have been there for the excitement but I was thrilled to see that Daddy remembered to bring the camera!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Hawaii...Scentsy style!

When I first heard the details of Scentsy's Incentive Trip for 2013 I knew that I had to earn it!  A free trip to one of six amazing places...and the top of my wish list was Hawaii!  I worked hard to earn the trip but it wasn't anything that was not achievable if you put your mind to it.  It is an easy product to sell, the company is fantastic to work for and the extra money it brings in is amazing!  I am looking to grow my downline so if you think that you would love some extra money, meet some fabulous people and earn a fabulous vacation then contact me!  I can help you make your dreams come true!

At bedtime the night before I left Matthew asked me if I was going to "Ha-wow-ee" and I tried not to laugh when I told him yes I was going to "HAWAII"...little did I know he was right it was WOW!

Ready to embark on a trip of a lifetime!

Being greeted in true Hawaiian fashion...Scentsy thought of everything!

The view from our hotel room was breath taking!

Accommodations at one of the best hotels on Waikiki beach compliments of Scentsy!

The beautiful lobby art!

One of the pools!  Complete with a waterfall, two hot tubs and 2 waterslides!

The infinity pool...I love how it looks like it goes right into the ocean!

The best part of the infinity pool was the Edge bar's Lava Flows!

Beautiful fish in the pond by the pool! 

Welcome breakfast with a HUGE announcement from Heidi and Orville!

A whole new customer base opened up with this!  I cannot wait to share with businesses, organizations and fundraisers!

Sunset cruise around Maunalua Bay!

All ready for the beach dinner!

Our crazy photographer for the week!  I cannot wait to see his amazing photos!

The Events Staff did an amazing job putting on this beach dinner complete with a live band! 

Scentsy put us each on an excursion for Wednesday...we got the Polynesian Culture Center and I am so happy we did!  The buffet they put on was amazing, the place was beautiful and we were able to see many different cultures and tryout some crafts.  The boat show was something I am so glad to have experienced!

Dinner at the Top of Waikiki!  A revolving restaurant with delicious food and fabulous views!

A luau on our final night at Paradise Cove!  Truly the most fantastic experience of the trip!  When people tell you that you cannot leave Hawaii without experiencing a true Hawaiian luau they are not kidding!  Such a fun night with many laughs and a few tears.  Heidi and Orville did a small ceremony for Heidi's stepfather who was a native Hawaiian and his family was not able to come home for his funeral so they wanted to include them here in a special way.  I don't think there was a dry eye in the house!

Throughout our stay we were showered with gifts!  Upon arrival at the Sheraton we were presented with a backpack, t-shirt and landyard with a pouch that stored some necessities for the week.

First incentive trip earners all got pillow cases at the first breakfast!

Day one of room drops brought a huge Pick-Pack-Play beach towel with some sunscreen and lipbalm!

Day two brought some chocolate covered macadamia nuts and a collapsible water bottle. 

Day three was chocolates!

The final night of room drops was a beautiful thank you and a code for a free shutterfly book to put all our memories in.  I cannot believe the amount of thought that went into each and every one of these little gifts.  Truly an amazing company to work for!

I was so lucky to get to meet Heidi and Orville and chat with them for a few minutes.  They are both amazing people with such great hearts!  When you work for people so wonderful it makes it easy to give it your all.  I am so happy to be a part of this fabulous company!

So sad to see this trip end but ready to return home to my babies!  
This just about sums it up!

Time to get ready for our next incentive period and to go on another trip of a lifetime!

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