Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Aubrey's Scrapbook

Aubrey got a scrapbook for Christmas and couldn't wait to fill it with all her favorite pictures.

Aubrey and Great Grandpa

Seeing Rapunzel at Disney World

All dressed up courtesy of Pirate's League

Aubrey and her favorite Princess, Ariel


Babies and the Wizard of Oz

Cameron and Aubrey with their snowmen and a play date with the MacLeod Quads

Bill and his "sweetheart".  Loving on Callie.

First Dance Recital

I'm the favorite!

Santa's Village 2011.  Easter 2010.

Christmas 2010.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

65 months!

The best group picture we could get after 26 shots...this was so much easier when they were younger!

Handsome boys!

Moody little princess who "was smiling" according to her.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Aubrey's Photoshoot

What a crazy weekend...Months and months ago we bought tickets to Frozen on Ice for the kids Valentine's gift.  I also booked Aubrey and Daddy their annual tickets to "the ball".  I was quite sure they were on 2 different days when only days before we found out they weren't and we scrambled to not break her heart too badly.  We told them about Frozen a little early then broke the news of the ball not being able to happen for her.  She was a little upset but recovered quickly.  

Aubrey and I took the morning to go get her hair cut and Marlene made her sooooo pretty!  What do you do when someone looks that pretty?  Do a photo shoot of course!  Then Aubrey went on a date with her prince...aka Daddy...before we headed towards Boston for a night at the hotel, swimming and Frozen.  As luck would have it we got half way there when we found out the show was postponed until next weekend due to weather and Aubrey was a very happy princess to find out she was going to the ball tomorrow and to Frozen next weekend.

Matthew the Power Ranger!

For Christmas Santa got Matthew this Power Ranger Training set.  He has perfected his ranger moves and has declared that when he grows up he wants to be a ninja! 

Friday, February 13, 2015

Making Valentine's Cards!

The kids were so excited to make their school friends cards for their Valentine exchange.  We searched through some pinterest ideas and they picked out their favorite ones then we headed out for some supplies.  As soon as we were home for the night they couldn't wait to start on the projects!  Cameron decided that his name would take too long to write and everyone calls him Cam anyway so he would just write that.  Smart cookie!  Aubrey was a speed writer who zipped through her list of 23 names and was done first.  Brady was his usual meticulous self who wrote in his neatest handwriting and Matthew wanted to give up after signing them all but when he discovered that he couldn't put them together before writing his classmates' names on the cards he decided he could finish up.  

We've been FLOCKED!

Nine years ago this summer there was so much uncertainty, would Ben make it through his treatments?  Would I be able to carry all four babi...