Our Story

Ben and I were married December 31, 1999 and had hopes to start a family right away however we soon discovered sometimes things like this are impossible to plan. After many years of fertility treatments, miscarraiges and heartache we were shocked to discover we were expecting quadruplets!

We were very nervous about the ability for my body to handle a quadruplet pregnancy after it had proven time and again that it could not handle a single one. At twelve weeks we had four thriving babies and made the decision that we were going to try to carry all four.

At 14 weeks we were hit with another shock when Ben was diagnosed with Stage IV Hodgekin's Lymphoma and began chemotherapy treatments. At my 17 week appointment we discovered that we were expecting 3 boys and a girl and we began preparing for their arrival.

To celebrate hitting the viablity milestone of 24 weeks a "babies shower" was thrown and we were amazed by the generousity of our friends and family. These four babies were not going to want for anything! When we hit 28 weeks my doctor was thrilled that the babies showed no signs of being ready for delivery day and neither did my cervix.

At nearly 30 weeks Ben and I decided it was time to go stay with my aunt and uncle who lived close to the hospital instead of staying home any longer since the drive was 3+ hours to get to our hospital and we lived almost 2 hours from a hospital with a NICU. After only a week there I was admitted into the hospital with pre-eclampsia and given steriod shots to help develop the babies lungs.

At 32 weeks we were nervous to find out that Aubrey's cord flow went absent and delivery day was here. We were thrilled to deliver four healthy babies without complications on September 17, 2009! Since that day we have been enjoying new experiences, lots of laughs and even some sleep living Daily Life with Quads!