Tuesday, April 30, 2013

First T-ball game!

My little team!
 photo 269_zps59ec2229.jpg

Cameron up to bat!
 photo 286_zps580901dd.jpg

 photo 287_zps03fd0667.jpg

Matthew up to bat!
 photo 290_zpsfff95750.jpg

 photo 291_zpsba12cbc4.jpg

 photo 288_zps0df13a72.jpg

Brady up to bat!
 photo 284_zps6313f08c.jpg

 photo 285_zpsad852ca4.jpg

Aubrey up to bat!
 photo 282_zpsf393336f.jpg

 photo 283_zps752e4a0b.jpg

Go Matthew!
 photo 274_zpseb82c87f.jpg

Run Cameron!
 photo 273_zps0aa07e6b.jpg

Great job Brady!
 photo 275_zps42e09f71.jpg

Aubrey was FREEZING!!!
 photo 268_zps540fb0bd.jpg

Time to play in the outfield!
 photo 278_zps69111a8b.jpg

Hey girls, the game is over there!
 photo 276_zps4eefedaf.jpg

 photo 271_zps964138ee.jpg

 photo 272_zps9f606a25.jpg

 photo 270_zps6daa1b94.jpg

 photo 281_zps997097ca.jpg

Uncle Tom thinking...what have I gotten myself into???
 photo 280_zps26abca24.jpg

Throw it Matthew!
 photo 277_zps62d2d460.jpg

Get it Brady!
 photo 279_zps613e547a.jpg

Good game!
 photo 289_zps50e4d442.jpg

Monday, April 29, 2013

Building the Swing Set!

We hated not having a swing set last year so this year we were determined to get one up in the backyard.  Bumpa and Memere both decided to give us some money towards the swing set instead of gifts for their birthday and Christmas...THANK YOU!  Also we did a fundraiser with the day care to help pay for a portion of it...THANK YOU to all that sold and bought!  And finally Scentsy will be paying for the rest...our "fun" money will be going towards paying it off for the next couple months.

It was a big job but Daddy, Uncle Tom and Auntie Kate got it done in no time!  I am not much of a builder so I contributed by water sealing it when it was done...LOL!  The kids love it and I know it will bring hours of enjoyment for years to come!

Cameron and Brady ready to work!
 photo 260_zps36b883d8.jpg

Taking a break after all their hard work!
 photo 257_zpse4197595.jpg

Tower #1!
 photo 259_zps29ee2ba1.jpg

 photo 262_zps9c65ab8d.jpg

 photo 263_zps1fe9db90.jpg

Ok, what's next???
 photo 258_zps105c6116.jpg

Tower #2!
 photo 266_zpsde5560d9.jpg

Twisty slide!
 photo 267_zps417224e4.jpg

Ben the builder!  Can he build it?  YES, he can!
 photo 261_zps3e867e3e.jpg

All done!
 photo 256_zpsa7d23cd4.jpg

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Our favorite 16 year old!

We were so excited to celebrate Kennedy's Sweet Sixteen with her.  It seems like just yesterday that she was the size of the quads!
 photo e1373085-5c12-4348-bd1f-670b10dc776f_zps48fa61d7.jpg

 photo 43c0d70e-d2c2-4c6b-bc35-388eb9b1c542_zpsb05b3dd9.jpg

 photo 045f6098-defd-4301-b507-66c82ec13439_zpsc5fb2bc3.jpg

 photo 1ced346d-ab14-40f6-855c-b5bd717cd218_zps16414747.jpg

 photo 52eec310-f935-4446-8f0e-7bdfd05b26b3_zpsf27d8706.jpg

Happy birthday to you...cha, cha, cha!
 photo 0a32794e-496e-464c-a6b2-ce6718a83625_zpsd318fa9b.jpg

Saturday, April 27, 2013

43 months...a little late!

Time kind of got away from me this month!  It always makes me sad to see the month number go up and the pictures of them looking like big kids!
 photo b45d4162-84ed-48f3-896a-2f737bec8682_zps27337af6.jpg

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Five minutes of randomness

My kids are normally pretty crazy and come up with some off the wall stuff but tonight took the cake.  In the 5 minutes it took to get from a birthday party to our house they came up with all sorts of random stuff!

Matthew:  "Why won't anybody let me have their baby???  I ask and nobody lets me.  I can't take Conner or Casey or Jackson or Kole or Kormack...not even Chase!  I think we need to go to the store and buy one so I can take a baby home!

Brady (obviously trying to change the subject): You know if you pee in your sleeping bag you have to get up and sleep in your bed.

Cameron: When you poop your pants it makes your butt tickle.

Matthew:  I know it makes me itch it.

Aubrey:  HAHAHA!

Cameron: Aubrey you pee your pants sometimes!

Aubrey: Are you KIDDING me?!?!?  Only if I don't make it to the bathroom on time.

Brady: Oh My Jesus (where he came up with that saying I have no clue!)

Matthew(trying to change the subject again): Bailee you have a pillow?

Cameron: My Grammie has a pillow!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Playing Catch up!

Life, as always, has been busy in the Hickey home!  The kids have all been doing great working on their preschool stuff and I am interested to see how they do at their Child Find Screening at the end of the month. I feel like they have come so far since September!

Cameron is getting ready to start another round of speech for articulation.  He really gets frustrated when we don't understand what he is saying to us so we are hoping that by taking speech lessons now he will be more easily understood when he goes into school in a mere 17 months...how crazy is that???  I was amazed by his testing scores when he was evaluated.  He was average to high average in all categories but one and that one he was only 2 points away from average.  He is the one who chooses not to participate as well as the others but obviously he is listening and retaining the information I am giving him during our school time.

It is so odd to go out walking and not have to bring the beast of a stroller or the hefty choo choo wagon.  The kids are old enough to walk along with us now and we even let them bring their scooters the other night. Cameron got lazy about 3/4 of the way through the walk and I ended up carrying his scooter but I think he is still getting his strength back in his leg from when he broke it a couple months ago.  Aubrey, gotta love her, is so graceful!  She has a hard time keeping it going smoothly without tripping over her own two feet.  Brady and Matthew are wild men and we need to keep up with them!

The new chore and allowance system has been working great.  They love to get their dollar at the end of the week and were thrilled when they saved up enough money to buy themselves some new games for their leap pads.

The no napping has been going pretty good for the most part.  There are days where you can tell they are exhausted and need one every once in awhile but for the most part they do good at either watching a show or playing their leap pad during that period of the day.  Bed time is fabulous without naps though!  That is my saving grace through it all.  After 13 hours of craziness I am able to walk down the stairs and not hear another peep!

Baseball season is upon us again!  The next two months will be spent outdoors and at the ball field.  The kids are excited because they know the park is right there and they also know it means POPCORN!  They have already reminded me that they like to have their popcorn in little cups.

With summer coming our calendar is already filling up with places to go and people to see.  I wish summer would last a few more months to give us enough time to do all we want and still have time to kick back and relax...I don't think there ever is enough time but wishful thinking!

The kids are already begging for a repeat to Disney and Ben is begging for a cruise so I am keeping busy with my little Scentsy business trying to make all of our dreams come true.  First up though is my trip to Hawaii.  I was lucky enough to have earned it ALL EXPENSES PAID!!  I have always wanted to visit Hawaii so when I heard that I could earn it through Scentsy's incentive program I worked my butt off to get there.  I don't know how any of us are going to do being separated for six whole days but I am hoping it goes well.

The last thing we have going on right now is the March of Dimes walk.  The six of us are walking to help raise awareness and to show our love for our friends who's children were born far too soon.  It makes me very grateful for the wonderful doctors and nurses that played a part in getting our children here safely.  If you would like to show your support please visit our page and make a donation...no donation too small!
The Hickey 6 March of Dimes Walk

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Time for a new swing set!

When I started doing daycare 14 years ago one of our very first fundraisers was to buy a swing set for all the kids to enjoy.  They played on it all the time until last year when we had to move it to fix the back yard and discovered that it was rotted in several places and for safety purposes we didn't put it back up.  The kids missed that swing set so much last summer!  So, we decided to do a fundraiser to help pay for a brand new one for the daycare to enjoy as well as the quads.  If you would like to help us get this awesome swing set:
head on over to www.karihickey.scentsy.us or www.karihickey.velata.us and be sure to click Kari's Day Care.  Thirty percent of all sales will go towards our swing set fund!  Thanks in advance!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Dance Class Drop Out...

Aubrey hung in there for a lot longer than her brothers before dropping out of dance.  It took a couple weeks before she finally told me that some of the older girls were picking on her.  So sad that happens at such a young age.  When her costume came in last week she was excited for the recital until I told her that she wasn't going to be able to be in it because she had dropped out.  She would have made such a cute little performer. :(

Monday, April 8, 2013

Chore Chart

For several weeks now we have put into use a chore chart.  They need to get a check in each of the boxes to earn their allowance at the end of the week.  They were saving up for some new Leap Pad apps and they each were able to order one with their savings and some money they got for Easter.  They are already talking about what the next item they are going to save up for is!  I love that they are so motivated by getting their checkmarks and earning something for themselves!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Hunting Eggs...

Did the Easter Bunny come????  


Checking out their Easter baskets from Mommy and Daddy!

They were pretty psyched about their new "Kindles" aka LeapPad 2's.
Huge thanks to fellow MoM for telling me about the website

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