Monday, August 17, 2015

71 months

All grown up and not ready for summer to be over!

Last Stop on Vacation...

Last stop was in Ohio!  The kiddos had been counting down the days until they got to hang out with their cousins, Jake and Dominic.  Aubrey was WAY outnumbered by all the crazy boys, but she didn't mind one bit!

Who's crazy idea to give these six fire???

Burning off some energy playing a little game of soccer before dinner.

According to Brady, the "big kids" took the living room...Dominic and Brady...and the little kids took the bedroom.  I think sometimes he forgets he is the same age as the others.  They loved spending time talking and laughing late into the night, but all woke up in good spirits ready to head to the zoo.

You can't miss this gang!  All decked out in fluorescent yellow!

We tried hard to get a group picture with everyone looking and smiling...I think that is totally impossible when you have more than one child!

Seeing all the animals was pretty cool!

The aquarium was pretty cool too!  They loved the hands-on section!

We spent the next several hours playing in the waterpark and it was so much fun!  The "crazy river" aka lazy river was the favorite pass time.  The pools and the wave pool were pretty cool too.  The boys all braved out the waterslide, but Aubrey chickened out at the very last minute.  We finished up the night at the amusement park session before headed out of the zoo.

After 11 hours at the zoo, you would think that we would have had 6 very exhausted kids but they stayed up until after midnight just hanging out.  Knowing that the next morning we heading out these crazy kids wanted to get in every last minute they could together.  Everyone was sad to say goodbye and I think my kids have asked 15746168  times when we are going back!

We've been FLOCKED!

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