Sunday, September 29, 2013

Apple Picking 2013

The way the day started out I was beginning to think it was going to be an annual tradition to apple pick in the rain but the skies cleared and it ended up being a beautiful day at the Windy Ridge.  A great time was had by all!
Apples were delicious!  I think the kids ate more than they picked!

Pushing the wagon up the hill!

Aubrey liked to pick the tiny ones

"How's this one mom?"

"Can I eat it?"

One for me, one for the bag!

This is tough work!

Matthew found the perfect one!

Cameron was showing off his HUGE apple! good!

Time for the petting zoo!

Tractor ride!

Clowning around!

A good time had by all!  We can't wait to make some goodies with all our apples!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Celebrating for the second time!

Ben and I never bring gifts to the party for the quads we always wait until the day of the their birthday to give them their gifts and have a little cake for them.  It is nice to get a little something on your special day so that is our tradition.

This year we had NO clue what to get them so we took them to Walmart to look around and see what they would be interested in getting.  After checking out the toy aisles for about a half hour they headed up to the front of the store with Daddy as I ran around and grabbed each of the things that they seemed to want the most.

On the way home from the birthday party Cameron told me he liked all his presents but he was sad he didn't get that green gun that he wanted.  I was smiling in the front seat thinking...just wait Cam!

Officially four!

So excited to have their own special cake requests fulfilled!
Cameron wanted white cake, white frosting, sprinkles and a lion. 

Matthew wanted a Luke Shannon Racing chocolate cake with white frosting.


Brady wanted a white cake with white frosting and Callie on it.

Aubrey wanted a white cake, pink frosting, sprinkles and Izzy.

The things we do to keep them happy! :)

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Celebrating birthday number 4!

The two hottest things in our house right now are Princesses and Jake and the Neverland Pirates so when I started planning the big fourth birthday I enlisted in the help of my friend Mandy over at Lucky Seven Design to come up with the perfect invitations.  Yet again she came up with something PERFECT!

 We rented the gymnasium at Colonel Town so the kids could run, play and there was plenty of parking.  What a fabulous place to have a party!  The kids agreed because they all told me that it was the best birthday party ever.  

Once the theme was decided the real work started...coming up with some fun party favors and the perfect cakes.  Soon it was decided, all the girls were getting handmade tutus, princess crowns and wands.  The boys got swords, bandanas and eye patches.  We planned to have some tea (iced tea) and a treasure hunt for "gold dabloons".  
First came the cakes! 

Themed gift bags!  How cool!

Some of their best big friends!

Having a ton of fun playing!

Princess Aubrey and Princess Kamryn!

Present time!

Thank you everyone who came and shared in their special day!  Formal thank you notes to come!

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