Tuesday, June 29, 2010

9 month check up and random ranting...

As many of you know I have been contemplating making this blog private. I intended this blog as something for the babies to be able to read when they got older kind of like a memory book but only having to fill out one. I never expected for it to become a must read for as many people as it has. We love that so many people are interested in keeping up with what the little quadlings are doing and their milestones but hate that I have been made to feel that some of the things I write are an issue with some. I hate to make it private due to the fact only 100 people can follow and we have 113 publicly following and lord knows how many that just check in without an account however if it continues to be a source of conflict I am going to have to make it private. I will not censor what I have to say because, like I said, I am writing this for MY CHILDREN to read in the future. I hope that I can continue to let you all read this blog!

Oh and by the way I have changed it so everyone can comment not only the people who follow. I hope that helps!

Onto the 9 month update!

Our pediatrician was impressed by all the things the babies are doing and how they have almost caught up with their actual age. No shots were needed this time around which made Daddy a happy boy! They are all growing well and don't need to be seen again until their 1 year check up. Here are their stats:

Matthew 19 lbs 9 oz 45th percentile
28" long 45th percentile
18" head circumference 60th percentile

Brady 23 lbs 12 oz 90th percentile
29.5" long 85th percentile
19" head circumference 100th percentile

Cameron 20 lbs 9 oz 50th percentile
27.5" long 25th percentile
18.5" head circumference 90th percentile

Aubrey 16 lbs 10 oz 20th percentile
26.25" long 15th percentile
17.5" head circumference 60th percentile


  1. Kari, I am so sorry to hear that you are having to contemplate making your blog private. I had no idea! I think it's awful that you have been made to feel that you need to do this.

    I've followed your blog since you were pregnant with the quads, and Ben was having his chemo, and
    I've rejoiced with each posting of how well everybody is doing.

    I look forward to your posts, and have come to feel as though I "know" you, and your beautiful family. I'll be sad if you have to make your blog private, but I completely understand.

    Best wishes with the blog,and the babies, whatever you decide.


  2. I also am sad to hear that you are having issues with commenters. It is sad that people take the time to do nasty things like that.

    I hope you can continue to wright down your thoughts and the kiddos can read it all when they get older.

    What great stats. It amazes me that our kids were born around the same gestation and your kiddos are so close to catching up with their real age. You have done such a great job with them.

  3. I faithfully follow your blog and only know you thur Stacey. I have enjoyed knowing your family. You are a blessing to so many people. Keep up the good work and God bless you all.

  4. I've faithfully followed your blog since you were pregnant, and it will be sad if you have to make you blog private, but I totally understand your reasons. It's to bad you're having issues with commenters, hopefully they're resolved soon.

    On another note, it just clicked in my name that our daughters will have the same name ! I'm having triplets in the fall, and one of the girls will be named Aubrey ! I've always read it, and just brushed it off, but it just clicked in my mind that they were the same ! baby brain much ?

  5. Glad they are growing so well - amazing! I'm sorry you are having issues with people and their comments...I would hate to see you have to make your blog private :(. I, too, believe you should be able to say what you want...it is, after all, YOUR blog for YOUR children, and the choices you make are YOUR right. Stick to your "guns"! - Tkeys

  6. What kind of comments have you been getting? I can't remember reading anything objectionable on here! Crazy people.

  7. Clarification: I don't remember reading anything objectionable in your posts. :) Clearly, there have been objectionable comments (therefore, your rant). :)

  8. I didn't think I wrote anything that should have been taken as objectionable in any posts either but they have caused issues IRL and I just don't want to deal with another huge fight between me and Ben again because someone doesn't agree with what we do with our children. They are our children and our decisions as TKeys said.

    C- congrats on the triplets! Life will be amazingly busy but worth every second!

  9. Erin's*BabiesJune 30, 2010 at 7:35 AM

    I'm sorry that you've been having problems! That's awful. Your blog is great and reading about your quads always brings a smile to my face. They are truly miracles, and for what it's worth, it sounds to me like you are doing an amazing job with them! How could anyone criticize parents who are raising four babies at once?????

    This blog will be a wonderful keepsake for your children and it's a delight to your readers. Thank you for allowing us to share a glimse of what life is like for you and Ben.

  10. I really hope you don't have to make it private! I've been reading along since you got pregnant and always enjoy seeing how much the kids have gronw. But you need to do what's best for your family so if that's make it private I say go for it. Wish you all the best!

  11. Dear Kari- I'm sorry you are having issues with the blog and do hope you can keep it public. I've been following your adventure since the morning I woke up to 50 flamingos on our front lawn! I don't post usually, but am amazed at how well the babies are doing and what a fantastic set of parents they have. Blessings to all of you!

    A North Country Neighbor


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