Saturday, January 7, 2012

Oh the crazy things they love...

Most kids get attached to things like a stuffed animal, a blanket or a doll. My kids get attached to crazy things and quickly become obsessed with them!

Matthew has 2 yellow and white bouncy balls that he takes with him everywhere. First thing in the morning he starts looking for his bouncy balls. He is so obsessed with them that he had 4 accidents today standing there dancing and trying to figure out how to pull down his pants without putting the bouncy balls down!

Brady has an obsession with tissues. He needs at least one in his hands or pocket at all times. Even while he sleeps he has to have one and wakes up crying if he can't find it. I love when I forget to check his pockets and find a washer full of tiny tissue pieces!

Cameron is obsessed with all things Elmo. He have 4 Elmos in his bed and makes sure they all have their own spots in the crib and covers go to them first, Cameron second.

Aubrey loves all dolls, her little people dolls, her wooden Teeny Tiny Quadruplet dolls, but most of all Baby Abby. She truly believes Baby Abby is not a doll and if we say "Abby is just a doll you know" Aubrey will say "NO! She's Baby Abby!"

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