Monday, January 23, 2012

Sickfest 2012

This is the first time that this house has really been affected by the stomach bug since the babies were born. It all started on Monday around 3pm with Matthew vomiting all evening and into the night. He got to have a sick day with Daddy at Grammie's house so day care could still run and the other kids were feeling fine until the magic hour of 3pm! Tuesday Aubrey got sick and she is not a happy girl when she is sick. It lasted about 12 hours for her and the last time she was in the bathroom was at 3am...finally sleep for her and I was hoping to do the same then Brady woke up vomiting at 3:30am!

Ben had been up all night also sick so the three of them went off to Grammie's house so my mom could take care of them all on Wednesday! Thanks Grammie!

I thought we were in the clear because Thursday morning had come and Cameron and I were still healthy. He kept bragging all day "You and me not sick mommy! Just daddy, Matt, Brady and Aubrey!" He kept saying that all day until 3pm came and he vomited like something out of the Excorsist! He was quick to bounce back though by 5:30 he was chowing down and never complained again.

Friday I started with stomach pains and they lasted on and off all day then finally after dinner it was my turn and it quickly passed for me as well. I am hoping this does not get an encore! Now off to wipe runny's always something!

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