Monday, September 21, 2009

Worst day so far...

not for the babies but for Ben and I. Leaving them behind at the hospital today was the hardest thing we have had to do so far. I know they are in good hands and that they are taking the best care of them but not being a 2 minute walk away from they is hard. We are very greatful to have great family that is letting us stay with them as long as we need so we don't have to worry about being to far but after carrying them everywhere for 32 weeks it is so hard to let go.

As for the babies all are doing great! They are off everything other than IV's and feeding tubes, the bili lights are off for now but that can change day to day. Once they are off it for three days then they can start wearing clothes from home. We are so excited about that! We have so much clothes that we want them to get use out of them all. Cameron's heart murmur went away so they believe his duct closed on it's own which is fabulous!

Ben got to do kangaroo care with Brady and Matthew today and it was sooooo cute! They looked like they were cuddling each other. I on the other hand was supposed to do Cameron and Aubrey together but little Cameron had plans of his own. They put him on me and he moved right into the center. They tried moving him over several times to make room for his sister but he was having none of that and started to cry so I told them I would take her later then he was content as could be for the next hour. I guess he wanted some alone time, LOL!


  1. SO sorry it was hard for you! It will definitely get better though! I'd get upset and nervous leaving them behind too! Glad they are all doing great! Thats wonderful news about Cameron's heart murmur, not to mention how cute the news of him wanting his own time. Tooo funny! I can't wait to see more pics of them!

  2. I know how hard it is to not be at the NICU every second of the day but as you said, they are in good hands.

    Yay for doing more Kangaroo care. It looks like Cameron is not so fond of his brothers and sister and wants his mommy all to his self. LOL

    It sounds as though things are progressing nicely and the babies are all doing well. I hope you continue to have growth forward.

  3. After being cooped up with his 2 brothers and sister for 32 weeks Cameron was probably like "Now's my chance, I can FINALLY get mom to myself!" And it sounds like he took full advantage. It's amazing how 4 babies that baked together and hung out can have such vastly different personalities. I love hearing all about them so keep the posting going. And I'm in need of a picture fix:)

  4. LOL it must be the name, my Cameron is the same way! He had to share you for 32 weeks and now he wants his Mommy time:)
    I can't imagine how hard it is to leave the babies behind, but how exciting on their progress and even being able to wear clothes from home soon!
    I loved all your pics on facebook, they are so beautiful Kari!

  5. Sounds like Cameron is a momma's boy already!! so glad they are all doing so well. I know it has to be hard to not be with them all the time, but you know it is for the best.... use this time to recover and rest, because you know once you get home there will be little rest!
    I am so looking forward to meeting them!! I'm planning on coming up in the morning--just let me know where to go.


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