Saturday, September 5, 2009

Hanging out...

We found out this morning that not only is the NICU here at the Brigham full so is Mass General's and Beth Isreal's so it is really important that I hang on to these guys for at least a couple more days or we chance being transfered to god knows where! Luckily I am feeling 10x better today and feel like I can hang on to them a bit longer.

When the doctors make their rounds later I am going to speak with them about scheduling me so it fits in with Ben's chemo. Our luck is that if we just wait it out I will go in while he is gone and neither of us wants him to miss out on the big event.

Other than that no real news here, my protein is still showing in the urine but my blood pressure is more controlled thanks to laying down all day long. Ben is feeling not so great, I think it is just hospitals in general that make him feel crappy. Well, I hope to be able to update everyone with a c section date later today!

We are looking at the end of the week for delivery unless an emergency c section is required. They wouldn't commit on a day at this point but at least it should happen before Ben has to head north. At this point if we HAVE to deliver the babies would go to Children's which is attached to this hospital but it makes it harder for me to see them all the time so we are hoping that the NICU will begin to clear out before we need the space.


  1. My goodness, isn't your life just getting more interesting? I never dreamed that a full NICU would be a problem, did you? I just assumed they'd always have room, but I guess when it's four that they are making room for it's a little different. You are such a trooper--you just seem to take things in stride. I admire that! Hoping that you can hang on to the babies as long as you need to, and definately hoping that Ben will be able to be present for the coming out party! LOL If you are bored in the hospital check out my other blog of life stories...some are very unique! It's Reflections by Kathy at Best wishes always, Kathy in GA

  2. Hey there! I'm a SheKnows CycleBuddy/IVFer - just had to post b/c I work at the Brigham!!! So right now, 1:30am, we're in the same bldg :) (but I'm on a medicine floor). Good luck with everything, hope you enjoy your stay here at our wonderful establishment.. lol! A definite good 'high-risk' place to be!

  3. Kari, I can't believe you might have your miracles in a few short days! I'm praying for you, for Ben, and for a safe and healthy delivery of the babies!!! Keep us posted, email me directly if you want to chat:)


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