Friday, September 11, 2009

Ready for the weekend!

I am so ready for the weekend because that means more company! YIPPEE!!! It gets so boring in this little room all day. Ben got out today with my Uncle Dave and went to the Aquarium and learned the T system so he can get around if he needs too. It was good for him to get out because he is going stir crazy too.

The ultrasound today showed no change in any of the babies or the flow going to them. Ben asked the doctor how quickly they could get a team together if something were to happen and we were told under 30 minutes! I was amazed that it could be done so quickly and now I am really worried that if something happens while Ben is home he will miss the big event. So I am on the count down, these babies and I have to hold out at least 6 days then after that Ben is here for 11. By the end of that time they better be here! LOL! My mom is going to come stay with me the whole time Ben is gone so that is a big relief to me. I definitely don't want to be alone when the time comes.

This weekend I was supposed to do the Boston Liver Walk to raise money for the Liver Foundation but being in here and pregnant with quads that is out. One of the little girls I used to watch was given a liver transplant from her aunt last September at 10 months, she is doing fabulous and will be walking with her mom and the rest of the team on Sunday. If anyone is interested in sponsoring the walk visit her page at

The NICU class we were going to attend tonight was cancelled so it will be another boring night for us I guess. Tomorrow will be another ultrasound and hopefully the results will be the same as today's!

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