Monday, September 14, 2009

What a day...

The attending doctor on the floor and the resident gave me great hope this morning that we would be setting a date for the delivery but after speaking to my regular doctor I realized this isn't the case. Anytime between the 17th and the 27th would be perfect so I hope that these babies decide that they are ready to take matters into their own hands sometime in that time frame. Today's ultrasound went good, Brady wasn't practicing his breathing but he was moving around plenty and his heart was beating away and the cord flow was perfect so they are not concerned at all. They have decided to make my ultrasounds every other day instead of daily because they are monitoring everything ever 4 hours through the dopplers anyways.

Ben had his chemo treatment today and he has 3 left after today's. Things are looking good for the cancer to be gone permanently. As for the neuropathy in his feet, the neurologist believes after all the testing that when the chemo killed the cancer it also killed the nerve endings and they do not believe he will be able to recover any of what is lost. His braces are helping him walk but he cannot walk far and he does not have the balance that he would need to go back to his job or to carry the babies aound. Of course he is very upset about this news and is worried about how everything will work out but I reminded him he needs to be greatful at this point that the cancer will be gone and he will be here to raise these babies.


  1. Glad those babies are going strong! I'm sorry to hear about Ben. Perhaps when the chemo is done, his body will have time to regnenerate (and maybe more PT will help). - Tkeys

  2. Well are still my hero!! You are taking these ups and downs like a trooper and you are still managing to find the good in all that bad thrown your way!! AMAZING truely an AMAZING lady!!! I can not wait til the day (one day) that we will get to meet in person!!! HAng in there chica!!!

    oh and Ben has beaten the odds so far what is another odd to beat....he can do it...he will prove those docs wrong!!!

  3. Well said Kari, God answered your prayers in ridding Ben of the cancer, that is a true miracle and blessing. He will still be the best Daddy to those 4 babies:)

    Can't wait to hear about those little babies entering the world:)


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