Friday, September 4, 2009

Just rest?!?!

Yeah right! How can you when they are waking you up constantly and taking vitals, listening to heartbeats, etc? I think I am more tired now than I was before I ended up in here.

Tis morning I woke up very crampy and have been having more intense contractions in my stomach more so than my back. The nurse who did the babies heartbeats felt 2 within 10 minutes so we will be in testing today then who knows, maybe babies this afternoon!

Ben is here today and not feeling so well, we are hoping he can handle being n there for the whole delivery but just being in the hospital makes him sick now. The delivery team agreed I could have 2 in with me given the circumstance so that was great news!!!


We are headed for another bpp ultrasound and as long as the babies are ok then we will be holding off on delivery. Pretty much the dr said suck it up I am having quads and will be extremely uncomfortable and to expect lots of contractions and unless I feel like the babies are coming out I will be ok.

BPP shows 8/8 for all babies. Looks like we are settling in for the weekend at least unless my water breaks or I end up in active labor.


  1. OH KARI....We are praying big time!! I hope all those preciouse angles come to the world healthy and happy!! I can not wait!! I hope you are hanging in there and resting the best you can!!!

  2. That is great news! I know you must hate being there and you must be feeling uncomfortable, but every day you keep them in means a little less time in the NICU. You've made it so far already!! - Tkeys


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