Sunday, September 27, 2009

Busy weekend!

The babies had lots of visitors this weekend. Friday Marissa, Travis and Peyton came from Maryland and I don't think Marissa wanted to leave them! Yesterday Uncle Tom and Auntie Kate came to spend the day and got to see how much they all changed in the past week. Today they got to meet Ben's grandmother and aunts and Karla came up from Connecticut to meet them too. I wish they had their own room so more than one person could come in to see them at once.

The lactation consultant came by on Friday and spoke with us about trying to breastfeed them all before they introduce a bottle to them so we gave it a shot with the 3 boys so far and Aubrey is going to try tomorrow. This is one step closer to bringing them home!

Cameron was having a hard time digesting his formula so they moved him onto all breast milk to see if that helped and it did so hopefully he will start gaining some weight this week. He looks like a little runt next to his brothers!

Matthew is already learning how to work his mommy. If he can see me and I am not paying attention to him he will cry and as soon as I open his little port holes and talk to him and hold his hand he is magically fine. Today every time I would start to move he would grip my finger harder.

Brady is still the big sleeper of the crew. That kid is interested in nothing but eating and sleeping! If you are cuddling with him while he is eating he is out before he finishes his feed. He hasn't gained from his birth weight but his cheeks are getting chubby!

Aubrey is definitely Daddy's girl. She hears his voice and tries so hard to wake up and get both eyes open. She finally gave me some eye contact today while I was holding her she usually saves that for Ben. She is getting the highest calorie feedings of them all so hopefully it will plump her up some, she is soooo tiny!

Ben had to leave this afternoon to go home and get his chemo treatment. Only 3 to go! It was so hard for him to say good bye to the babies and get in the car to go home. I can't imagine how he much he will miss them while he is gone, I am sure that all of us will be missing him just as much!

Here are just a few pictures that I love!

Matthew is thinking "Mom, STOP taking my picture!"

Aubrey sleeping like a princess!


  1. love the updates, Kari! Thank you so much for keeping everyone in the loop - I anxiously await your updates all week!

    So glad the babies are doing great. Man, they are strong!!! They have their mommy and daddy to thank for that! And it seems like their personalities are really starting to shine through - how awesome to watch!

    Keep up the great work little ones - you'll be home before you know it!!!

  2. Awww is so nice to hear about their personalities. I bet you learn more and more each day. They all sound like they are doing so strong. How is the breast feeding going? I wish I would have had that option to try breast feeding before the bottle, but at least the girls learned how to latch later on. I'm still a pumping mamma, but they have had my milk since day one and I am proud of that.

    Keep the updates and pictures coming. I hope Ben is able to make it back soon, how will Aubrey survive without him? That is so cute they have such a strong bond already.

  3. The breast feeding is going ok, Matthew and Brady have the hang of it Cameron was not at all interested, he always tries to get some from Ben though. Crazy kid! Pumping is going well to, I am up to being able to supply about half of their feeding for the day if they split it up evenly but right now Cameron is getting the most because he is really spitty with the formula and the others could care less. I know I can't provide enough for all of them but at least they are getting some.

  4. I just cried reading this. Hormones? Let's hope so.

    They are so incredibly beautiful and I'm thrilled that I got to follow your journey.

    Thanks so much for your support. It means so much to me in this cazy time! =)

  5. Thanks for the updates Kari:) Aubrey is a lot like me, a Daddy's girl, there is nothing more special in life. Come to think of it, Brady is a lot like me too, I like to eat and sleep too! hehe.

  6. I'm glad to hear they are doing so well! They are so cute!

  7. Kari - it is amazing you are doing so well with the pumping! Breastfeeding is hard, especially for babies born early. Micah had a really hard time learning to nurse - he had a hard time learning to take the bottle, too, and he was not nearly as young as your little ones! I would say it took Micah 5-7 weeks to really get the hang of it. I love hearing the updates, and I'm so glad they are doing well. I love seeing Aubrey curled up on her belly with her legs tucked underneath - Micah has been sleeping that way lately - it is just so cute!! And Matthew's expression is priceless.

    - Tkeys


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