Sunday, September 13, 2009

Woo Hoo!

All the babies score 8/8 today on their bpp so we are doing well! Aubrey is still showing a diminished flow but no worse than it has been so she is doing well too. She has been the most active lately which reassures me some also.

I think we have named all the babies in position but we will still take a look when they come out. The nurse told me the doctors will be able to tell us which one was which (A,B and D) if we request it prior to delivery so I asked them to do that today. So as of right now Baby A is Matthew, B is Brady and D is Cameron. It feels better to call them by name when talking about them rather than by a letter assigned to them.

Ben headed home this afternoon and I miss him already. These are going to be 4 very long days! Thankfully my mom is coming to stay with me in case anything happens so I am not in delivery alone. They told us in an emergency case they could have a team together and the babies delivered in a half hour and we live 3-3.5 hours away so there is no way someone would get here in time.

Ben and I had a little chat with the babies though and they understand that they are to wait until at least Thursday to be born! Let's see how well they listen to their mommy and daddy! :)


  1. Oh my exciting!!!! You're going to be meeting your babies VERY soon! Hang in there...I know you're uncomfortable! I'm going to pray that all goes well in these next few days!

  2. Yay for another great BPP. Those babies are doing a fantastic job and I'm sure they can't wait to meet their mommy and daddy. And I bet you can't wait to meet them either.

    Stay put for a few more days little ones!!!

  3. I'm so pleased to get on here this morning and read that you are still baking those babies:) I hope they cooperate and listen to Mommy and Daddy!!!

  4. Been following your blog since I saw your pregnancy announcement on SK boards. Just wanted to let you know how thrilled I am (not to mention impressed) that you`ve been able to carry your babies this far! Sounds like it won`t be too much longer til they are in your arms. I`m keeping my fingers crossed that they stay there til your hubby gets back though! Just wanted to let you know that you,your hubby and your babies are in my thoughts and prayers daily :)

  5. Kari, I'm so happy that you had a another Great day. I'm Glad that Babies are listening to you and staying put for a while longer. Everday you give me more and more insperation and hope that I will be able to handle being pregnant and Able To get pregnant. You are truely a wonderful person and you are going to make and amazing Mom. :)


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