Saturday, September 19, 2009

Big Day!

The babies have only been here 2 days and it seems like we have known them forever! We are already getting to know their attitudes and what calms them down. Cameron has been the only one on any breathing assistance today, he still has his CPAP in and the doctors did an EKG and are planning an echocardiogram on him because of a murmur he has delveloped. They think it may just be a duct that did not close when he was born that they can fix with medication but time will tell. I got to do kangaroo care with him this morning for almost an hour and a half, that just made my day! He was all jittery and crying and the nurse placed him on my chest and he calmed right down.

After that we got to go hold Aubrey, she is so tiny compared to her brothers. For someone who wanted a boy when we thought we would have just one Ben is awfully fond of the little princess.

All of the babies except for Matthew have begun to have phototherapy to get rid of the tint of jaundice they have. They think Matthew might need to start that tomorrow though.

Tonight Ben was brave and changed Brady and Aubrey's diapers for the first time. I wish I had the camera for that sight! He was nervous about doing that but was fortunate that they only peed!

Tonight they moved Brady into the room with Matthew and Aubrey and tomorrow Cameron is getting moved over there too. I am so glad that we will be able to spend time with each of them while seeing all of their siblings too so we are not running back and forth between rooms anymore.


  1. I love the fact you are finding time to update..I look everyday (several time a day :))to see if there is anything new to read...I am soo happy and hope ONE DAY I will get to meet your happy LIL family!!!

  2. Kari and Ben,

    I could not be an ounce happier for you than I already am. This is the most wonderful and amazing news. Congratulations many times over! They are all beautiful and I enjoy every update! Enjoy every second of this wonderful journey!!! XOXO
    Lindsey (hopingforbaby05)

  3. Glad to hear they are all doing so well!!! You are all in my prayers!!! SOOOOOOO overjoyed for you and Ben!!!

  4. Wonderful news! They are doing so well, and you just sound so happy! They are going to be coming home with you in no time!

    BTW - the medicine they give the babies to close off the extra artery is something I had to take while pregnant with Micah. It is supposed to be very effective at fixing that problem. - Tkeys

  5. I, too, and glad that you are making time to keep us updated. I love finding an update from you--and immediately stop and read it!
    I am so glad that the babies are doing so well. That's great! Yes, I'll bet little miss Aubrey will wrap herself around her daddy's heart in a hurry...little girls do that! Enjoy those babies, and give them an extra hug for all of us followers out here. Best wishes, Kathy in GA


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