Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Woo Hoo!

My OB appointment went great! Cervix is still greater than 3 cm long with no funnelling. Blood pressure was perfect and I passed my glucose testing with flying colors! I have been worried all week long that I would be making Boston a permenent home for the next several months but that was far from the case. I do however think that I will be packing a bag for myself and as soon as I get a big diaper bag for the babies packing that too so we will be prepared when I have to stay there.

The only disappointing news I got was that I really need to slow down and he wants me to pretty much be done work too. I am not too happy about that but if it will keep them cooking longer then so be it. I get the chance to tour the NICU in two weeks and also I will be getting the steroid shots to help the babies lungs develop.

Ben got to go to the ultrasound but they are getting so squished you really can't see anything much. The main thing is their heart beats all looked good and they are growing well. They have the perfect amount of fluid and begining in a couple weeks we will be doing weight checks on them at each ultrasound as well.

I want to thank Mandi and Monique for coming and painting the babies room. Carpet and trim will be in ASAP and then it will be DONE!!! So excited!

Also, congrats to Terry and Donald! Their girls, Addison and Kara, are here! I can't wait for all the babies to meet.

Here is a pic from 25 weeks!


  1. That is great news about your appointment. I totally have cervix envy of you. My cervix was never about 3 in my whole entire pregnancy. I'm so glad you passed your glucose test.

    Take it easy and I am getting your box finished up so I can ship it out. :)

  2. I know it is hard to slow down, but you need to keep cooking those babies!!! And if you don't slow down yourself, you know that will just mean you are in Boston sooner.... which would be nice for me, but not for you and ben. :)
    i can't believe how much bigger you got in 1 week!!


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