Saturday, July 25, 2009

An uneventful week...

not that we are complaining! Thursday Ben had his nerve testing and they did find some damage, they are still uncertain if it is reversible or what caused it. We are hoping that once they review all the test results again they will have some clue as to what is going on. The braces and physical therapy have helped him gain the strength back in his legs but he still has a hard time walking because of the numbness in his feet. He wants to get this straightened out before the babies are born so that he is more steady when carrying them.

I am still trying to get everything organized from the babies shower. It will be much easier to do once the room is ready. The painting is getting done this week then we are getting the rug put in! I am so excited to still be up and about and able to at least see the progress even though I am not much help.

Ben is going to try to join me at my appointment in Boston this week. I have to have my glucose test that day as well. I want to pass this test sooooo badly! I couldn't imagine giving up breads and pasta. Hopefully we will be able to tour the NICU that day as well.

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