Wednesday, July 22, 2009


This week marks a big milestone for the babies! They have reached their viability day which means that if they were born they would he a chance of survival. Each week the survival rate goes up so the longer they bake the better off they are!

I FINALLY finished going through all the stuff from my shower and organizing it into catergories. It needs to be put away but we are making headway! It is amazing all the stuff we got!

Ben is not tolerating his chemo well again this cycle. He has been nauseaous, week and uncomfortable all week long. Tomorrow is his nerve testing to see about the numbness in his feet they said it may be irreversable. Hopefully they can get it figured out and back on track so he has balance to carry the babies safely.

We are trying to come up a license plate for the van. Any suggestions??? So far we have people saying QUADSQD (Quad Squad) and 8LILFT(8 Little Feet).


  1. Sorry Ben is having a tough time... they say chemo is like the army--it has to break you down to build you up. I bet he can't wait until Dec. when it is all over and he can back to normal. :)

    I like Quadsqd myself. :)

  2. Sorry to hear about Ben. I bet he is looking forward to the day when it is all over and he is feeling better.

    I'm so glad you have been given so much to help you and the babies. I bet that is such a task to get everything organized. I will be sending you some stuff this weekend. :)

    I am in favor of QUADSQD...very cute!

  3. Sorry to hear that Ben hasn't taken well to this round of chemo...the ups and downs are surely emotional and hard to go through, but if the end result is positive, its all worth it!!!

    Love QuadSqd too cute!!!

  4. Had another suggestion today... R4BLSNGS (our 4 blessings)

  5. Some ideas I came up with...I love thinking up these things!!

    4AT1TIM (4 AT 1 TIME)

    Okay I will stop....So much fun!! HEHEHEHE


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