Wednesday, July 1, 2009

21 week appointment

My ultrasound today went great, the babies are all doing well. Growing so much that it is harder to get a good veiw of them. They tried to do a 3D/4D shot today but it was just a big bunch of something. I couldn't tell what we were looking at! Anyways, they are going to start checking for weights at 24 weeks so I am looking forward to that. According to my books they are around 1 lb and about 10 inches long.

Onto the OB appointment...
Blood pressure was high but came down when retested. No sugar or protien in urine so that is good. No new restrictions, same speech about listening to my body, taking it easy, resting at least 3 times a day. We talked about when the babies are born and how long to expect them to stay in the hospital for. He said generally they stay until they reach the point where they would have been 36 weeks so it all depends on when they are born but the good news is as soon as all their organs are functioning well and they are eating with a bottle they can move to Littleton so we will be closer to home.

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  1. 21 weeks already, where has the time gone??? I hope things continue to go well with the pregnancy and you can hold on to those babies as long as possible.


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