Friday, July 10, 2009

Dance tonight!

Sam organized a benefit dance for us tonight at the local American Legion. There is a great band playing, Sweet Jayne, they play everything from 70's-today. If you have nothing to do come join us 8-12. The drawing for the raffle is tonight also!

Ryan and Tom have been working in the babies room the past couple nights and the sheet rock is almost done! I am so excited to see it all done and painted so we can put all of their stuff in there. I am going crazy with the big pile of baby stuff on my porch!

This week has been rough on Ben, unfortunately we thought that it would get better after each chemo treatment but in fact it has gotten worse each time. With any luck he will be feeling ok tonight and able to make an appearance at the dance. I know he misses being out and seeing all his friends.

Tomorrow is the softball tournament at the big ball field in Groveton. There are a lot of teams signed up, both amature and league teams so I am sure it will be lots of fun too!


  1. Have fun tonight! I hope Ben feels up to going. I've heard the cumulative effects of the chemo treatments can be pretty rough - tell him to hang in there. - Tess

  2. Oh the dance sounds like fun. I hope it all goes well. I'm sorry Ben is still having trouble with the chemo treatments. It must be awful to go through that. I hope he can enjoy a little of the dance. (((Hugs to you all)))


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