Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Another rough day for Ben

Ben had his spinal tap yesterday and it took far longer than they expected because they were having a hard time getting around a mystery bone in his back. After calling in reinforcements they were finally able to get another fluid to run the test, we will get the results next Tuesday. He was in a lot of pain and had a hard time with having to stay on his back for so long afterwords to try and keep him from getting a spinal headache. They wheeled him down to the infusion room on a stretcher and got him ready for his chemo.

His doctor came in and told him the results from his MRI. There was nothing that they could see that would cause the numbness in his feet but they did tell him that there was a part of the brain that a bone didn't fully develop when he was an infant so he decided to make a story out of that and call his mother and convince her that the doctor said that she must have dropped him on his head as a baby and that is why he acts retarded sometimes. He thought he was a funny man yesterday.

That didn't last long, he was very sick on the way home and all day today. Chemo really wipes him out for at least 3-4 days then he begins to feel better slowly. About 2-3 days before his next round he begins feeling like his old self just in time to be knocked down again.

Ben has a PET scan scheduled for next Friday to see if the chemo is working or if they need to tweak it. We will have the results before his next treatment. The doctors are hopeful that it is working and so are we. Even if it is working he will have treatments every other week through December at least.

My ultrasound went well, Auntie Allison got to see the babies and one of them even waved at her. They are all growing so much it is getting harder to see them. There is 3 hands in one shot sometimes! LOL! My cervix is holding up great! The OB said that it is doing better than most women carrying one baby at this point so I am very hopeful to make it to 32 weeks at least.


  1. I'm so sorry Ben is having it so rough. All the treatments must be exhausting. Poor guy.

    So glad the kiddos are doing great. You are so lucky to have such a great cervix!!!Keep baking those beautiful babies!!!

  2. I'm praying that the treatments are working and Ben is on the road to recovery! I wish he felt better though during the process.

    The babies sound amazing! Keep up the great work, Mommy!


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