Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Year in Review

As we look forward to everything that 2013 holds in store for us we look back over the past year with many fond memories and disbelief that the quads are already 3 years old...

January 2012 - Bye bye cribs...Hello big kid beds!  The quads made the transition to toddler beds with great success.  A year later they have yet to make it a party in their room by getting out of bed or going into someone else's bed.  We are very fortunate!

February 2012 - They tried finger painting for the first time and had a blast doing it!  Matthew and Aubrey graduated from night time diapers to 100% underwear...proud moment in the Hickey home!

March 2012 - We had our first trip to the Children's Museum in North Conway and the kids had a great time.  They didn't want to come home!  Our kitchen got a new make over and the kids learned to play Hungry Hippos and Lucky Ducks.

April 2012 - Cameron and Brady decided to join the ranks of the big kids by saying goodbye to nighttime diapers and diapers were officially gone from our house forever!  The teach me time clock became a very necessary permanent fixture in the kids room, keeping them in their beds until the light turns green.

May 2012 - I traveled to NOLA to have four fabulous days with my favorite quad mommas while Daddy held down the fort at home with the fabulous foursome!  The kids played their first game of mini golf and had a terrific time doing it!  Daddy and Papa Digger made us a nice big yard to play in!

June 2012 - The quads made the cutest ring bearers and flower girl around when they were in Nick and Elise's wedding.  Another great trip to the dentist and a quaddler play date at Chuck E Cheese were some other highlights of our month.

July 2012 - The boys got buzz cuts as Aubrey's hair had finally grown out to a length that I could actually do something with it.  Daddy built us a sandbox in our new yard and we got a sand digger to play with in there.  A trip to Clarke's training post to see the bears do tricks and meeting new friends Braden and Olivia and their mom Karen at Funspot were definitely highlights of our summer.

August 2012 - A trip to Santa's Village with the Nadeau quads was a ball and had the kids looking forward to a return trip with Nick and Elise the following week.  Learning to ride their bikes and getting a trampoline from Memere and Bumpa definitely added to the excitement of the summer.

September 2012 - The quads turned THREE and we celebrated with a trip to Walt Disney World!  They had a blast meeting all their favorite characters, riding rides, and going to Sea World.  We returned home to dance classes that the boys quickly dropped out of!

October 2012 - Apple picking, pumpkin carving and a tour of the fire station were the highlights of the month!  They dressed up as four aces and went Trick or Treating...winning two costume contests in town!

November 2012 - Poor behavior and discipline became a big focus here and following the guidelines in the book Love and Logic things turned around and we were able to get back to a less crazy's a total learning process and we still struggle each day...age three is HARD!

December 2012 - This was by far the best Christmas season we have had yet!  The kids enjoyed every single moment...meeting Santa, picking out a Christmas tree, seeing Christmas lights, making Christmas ornaments, making goodies and delivering them, and of course giving and receiving gifts!


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