Monday, February 20, 2012

Oh the things they say...

They are coming up with the craziest things lately and make me laugh out loud many times a day. Some of my favorites from the weekend were:

It was nap time and Cameron couldn't find his fox so he was yelling "Where my fox???" Now, Cameron is doing great in speech but he still needs work on some words especially ones that sound like other words. Brady kept yelling back "No say that word!" so Aubrey being the peacemaker says "Cameron sayed FOX, not fuck like Grammie sayed!" Good thing I was listening over the monitor not in their room because I am pretty sure it would have been encouragement for bad words if they saw me laugh as hard as I was!

As Matthew was waking up from his nap he was crying, very clearly upset about something so I went to get him and asked him what was the matter and he said "My pee pee won't lay down!" I told him that is what he gets for playing with it all the time.

Aubrey was sitting waiting patiently for dinner when she let out a HUGE burp. I looked at her and said "Aubrey! What was that?" She said "My tounge farted!" I am pretty sure Ben had tears in his eyes laughing at that one.

Cameron is totally Elmo obsessed! Everytime something is missing he tells me "Elmo took it!" I was looking everywhere for his juice cup and of course he told me "Elmo took it" and for once I should have listened because it was right under Elmo...sneaking little animal!

I am always telling Cameron to focus because he gets sidetracked soooooo easily! The kids were all coloring on the livingroom floor the other night and I obviously didn't pay close enough attention to him because he said "Hey mom! FOCUS!!!"

Brady is my little mockingbird! He hears something and he is going to repeat it...especially if you don't want him to! He likes to be the boss of the others so if I correct them he is sure to correct them as well.

Every night before bed Brady has a little routine that he talks you through. You tuck him in and he says "HUG!" so you have to put both arms around him and hug. Then "KISS!" on the lips is the only thing that satisfies this demand. Finally "SNUGGLE!" which it took me awhile to realize the difference between a hug and a snuggle but he means just lay your head on his shoulder and he will lay his on yours. So sweet!

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