Saturday, February 25, 2012

Nothing like jinxing myself...

I was so happy that mid February had come and not a single trip to the pediatricians office for any of the foursome since the well child check in September that I decided to open my mouth and tell my sister in law about it. The very next night I was up all night with a very crabby, crying little Aubrey. She kept telling me her ear hurt so first thing in the morning I got her in to get checked and sure enough an ear infection for her. Note to self...never open your mouth because you are sure to jinx yourself.

That was just the tip of the iceberg on the craziness in the Hickey home the past week. Over the weekend we had some sick little munchkins. Matthew was happy to announce to anyone who would listen to him that "me got the poops but Aubrey is pooooking!" Throw Brady and Cameron having yucky bellies into the mix and let me tell you it is fun times!

The weather has been unseasonably warm and we have been taking advantage of that by going for walks, playing outside, and sitting in the shed on our "cycles"! The first night we went for a walk I thought it would be fun to let them walk from Uncle Tom's to the bank. We cut through the play ground so I figured maybe a 1/4 mile round trip wouldn't take long. Did I ever underestimate just how slowly four curious quaddlers walk! Let's just say once we got to the play ground Ben played with them for a few minutes so I could run to the bank and back then walk back to Uncle Tom's to meet the new puppy because we probably still would be out on that walk if we made them go the distance.

The next night when I mentioned a walk they all asked for the wagon and I was more than happy to tell them YES! I don't know who thought a choo choo wagon would be an awesome mode of transportation (it was me) but you put 110+ lbs in there and pulling it is quite the workout! The runabout is definitely easier for me but the kids enjoy the wagon. I think this summer will be the last that they will be able to get use out of the ruabout, they are getting so big for it. I remember the day we picked it up from the Felthun quads and I thought they would fit in it forever, time sure does fly!

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