Friday, June 6, 2014

The end of the trip...

As part of our vacation Scentsy lets you choose one excursion that they pick up the tab on.  We chose the Jeep Safari...we were picturing topless Jeep Wranglers going along beaches and off the beaten path...what it really ended up being was 4x4 vehicles driving us along the roads of the island.  It could have been nice IF our driver was a tour guide but he just happened upon the job for the day when his cousin was short a couple drivers.  We did end up seeing most of the island before opting out of the final stop and going back to the hotel.

In Greece many families have private churches...

they are very tiny and most members just gather around outside...

the oldest woman in the family cleans the bones off the decaying deceased family member and a bone is placed in the box in the wall.

 Later that evening we took the bus into town and explored Mykonos Town with some new friends.  Ben thrilled to find the legendary pelican that lives in Mykonos Town!

The windmills were a site to see.  They look stunning sitting on top of the hill in the town.

Little Venice is one of the most beautiful places in Mykonos...know for good food, spirits and amazing sunsets!

Alisha and I went off shopping for the evening and Ben and Tammy went off taking pictures.  We have them to thank for many of the pictures from this trip!

Ben couldn't wait to try the fresh seafood from Greece!

These two ladies helped make our trip as "Scentsational" as it was!  They will forever hold a special place in our hearts.

Love this woman too! Can't wait to meet again at our next Scentsy event!

Finally I met some of my team on this trip!  All very motivated woman who give me hope of what the future holds!

Finding words to describe Heidi and Orville is tough...You will never meet more hard working, caring, ethical and down to Earth people in your life.  They truly make Scentsy feel like a family.  We were very honored to be on this trip of a lifetime with them.

As the sun set on our final day on this amazing journey we reflected on how blessed we were to have this opportunity given to us by Scentsy!  How many people have their employers reward them with a trip like this...I know none of our other employers ever have!

This was in Mykonos town and I thought the meaning behind this was perfect!
I know I will be climbing every stair I can to grow my business, earn more fabulous vacations and make all our dreams come true!  There's always room for you to join me on this journey...ask me for details!

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  1. Thank you so much for gracing me with your presence and becoming a life long friend. You to will forever hold a special place in our hearts. We love you <3


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