Thursday, June 26, 2014

Santa's Village!

Our annual Father's Day tradition continues with a mid afternoon trip to Santa's Village. The kids are finally tall enough to go on most rides solo!  No more waiting in line 4 times to get them all on each ride they need an adult with them.  Awesome milestone!

The log ride was a huge hit for the fab four!

My Gingerbread family!

Spin, spin, spin!!!

Up, up and away!

Crazy kids on the Chimney Drop...four times in a row!

I love that they have this!  Yearly pics with the measuring tape to see how they have grown.

Big enough to drive the cars alone!

Don't even try to buckle or unbuckle them...they got this!

Putting out the fire.  Brady even swapped guns with Aubrey when she couldn't get hers to work.

Raft racers!

They can't wait to use our return passes to have a full day of fun at Santa's Village!

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