Tuesday, June 24, 2014

First trip of the Season to Story Land!

For Christmas this year all the Godparents banded together and got season tickets to Story Land.  The kids didn't really remember what Story Land was but when we went there they all told me it was cooler than Santa's Village and even cooler than Disney...apparently we should have saved thousands and booked a week in Conway instead of in Disney for the end of summer.

They had no clue who this was but they were excited to see him! 

They loved the three little bear's house!

Brady was the sleeping Papa bear...

while Aubrey was Momma Bear...

and Matthew was the scary Baby Bear!

When you see a cut out for your head you MUST stick your face in, right?!?!

The six of us on the Tea Cup ride!  

The Princess and her Guards!

Aubrey said "Mom! Isn't this BEAUTIFUL!?!?" 

The oldest running carousel in the US

It started raining so we took a break in the Lab and the kids...and Daddy...had a blast shooting the balls all over the place!  They were not happy to have to leave when the rain let up!

Aubrey was so cute collecting as many balls as she could!

The Guards of Story Land!

The Princess needed a picture of her entering her Kingdom!

The swan boat were a huge hit!

They convinced Daddy to take them up in the hot air balloon for a trip!  Good thing he doesn't mind heights because Mommy wouldn't be caught dead on a ferris wheel!

Even though it was a short day and we hit a few showers it was a blast that they can't wait to do over...and over...and over this summer!

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