Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Athens Day 3!

I have never been a history buff and to be honest when we found out we were going to Greece neither one of us knew much about it.  We had heard of the Acropolis...we knew it was where history began...we knew little more than that.  Ben took the time to do some research and shared the high points with me while I was just going to wing it.  I was truly surprised by how much I enjoyed seeing all the sites and listening to our tour guide that we had at the Acropolis.  She was so knowledgeable and ready to answer questions...not that we had many because she did such an amazing job telling about it all.  

A couple nice views of the entire area!

The towers of Zues.

Another amazing pillow gift from Scentsy Family! 

Off to Mykonos Island...

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  1. What an experience, Kari and Ben! Thanks for sharing.


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