Friday, June 20, 2014

Fun times with the MacLeod's!

We finished up our t-ball game then headed south for a weekend with the MacLeod's because the only thing crazier that daily life with quads is daily life with TWO sets of quads PLUS an older sister!  We have such a great time hanging out with them all though.

Silly girls making faces in the bounce house!

Having fun on the slide!

A boy and his dog! Cameron loves Callie, even though Callie isn't sure of Cameron most of the time!

Most fought over swing there.  They all were pretty good at getting it started then jumping off!

FOUR pools...Danielle is either nicer or crazier than I...possibly a little of both! ;)

Getting ready for a ride in Pa's wagon and tractor!


Now that is a wagon full!

Chilling by the campfire!

First time roasting their own hot dogs!  They had a blast!

Sleep over for Aubrey and Mackenzie!  If she's anything like her momma Kenzie needed Aubrey to keep her safe from spiders. 

Sad to be saying good bye.

OK!  ONE MORE RIDE!  As long as you let us get pictures!

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