Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Kindergarten step up day!

It's hard to believe that nearly 5 years have passed since these tiny miracles came into this world and now they are getting to begin kindergarten in 10 short weeks! With mixed emotions they prepared for their visit to kindergarten. These lunch bags have been sitting in our closet for a couple years waiting for this big occasion!

Matthew wasn't sure about going to school and was worried about what all the babies were going to do without him at day care for the morning.

Cameron was ready to go...he's been going to speech at the school for almost a year now so it was just like any other day for him.

Aubrey was very excited to be going to school and even picked out a special dress for the occasion and made Mrs. Guay a picture. 

Brady made a picture for his teacher too and was ready to go but he kept asking how long he had to stay there. 

What big kids!

The quadbus ready for delivery to school!


They made it through the day and came out with smiles!

Pizza party for 5 special kindergarteners!

I am guessing school was a hit because they were all bummed out the next morning to find out that they have to wait 73 days to go back!

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