Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Athens Day 2!

Just when you think nothing can top your first day...day 2 ends up even more amazing!  We had our Awards Breakfast which was delicious and we got to chat with some new people.  After breakfast we got our group picture then off to see the parade and the changing of the guards at the Parliament building across from the hotel.

We took a walk through the beautiful National Gardens...

Then onto the first Olympic Stadium.  We did the walking tour and it was so informational.  You could almost picture yourself being in that time.

We explored some more...then got lost!  LOL!  We stopped a cab driver and asked for a ride to the hotel.  He asked where we had been and how long we were here for.  He told us there was some place we had to go see and he would bring us there!  We got to a walking path that lead up to this amazing view!  While we were up there he waited then brought us to the hotel while filling us in on some interesting facts about Athens along the way.

Time to explore in the Plaka! 

You would go from stores and restaurants to ancient ruins in a few foot steps! 

Dogs are EVERYWHERE in Athens!  We were told that they all have owners but the city feeds them.  They all were totally calm and acted like it was perfectly normal to be laying out on the steps of a building taking a nap!

This woman was so still and didn't flinch until someone put coins in her case then she would come to life and play a little tune. 

Pillow gifts in our room!  How amazing is this company?!?!

Stay tuned for day 3!!!

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