Sunday, June 29, 2014

North Country Dance Academy Recital 2014

I was a little worried when the fab four decided that they wanted to attempt to do dance again this year after last year's epic failure but they had a fabulous year dancing and loved Miss Jody!  As they got ready to go to the recital there were many mixed emotions and Ben and I were certain that there was no way they would all go on and do their performance.  To our surprise they not only did it but they did it so well!  We are so proud of them for overcoming their fears, showing dedication and practicing so hard!  

Up first was their baby ballet routine.  They did amazing!  

Up next was their Jazz Dance!  They were so excited to play with the steering wheels and pretend they were driving. It was another very cute routine.

The finale came and they all got to come on stage one last time!

All four got a trophy for first year completion then we put the video away and we were all surprised by Brady getting a huge achievement award for his hard work and dedication.  We were so proud of him and wished we would have captured the moment on video.  

Showing off their trophies!

I think they were spoiled! 

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