Thursday, June 12, 2014

Aubrey lost a tooth!!!

Ever since Aubrey first discovered her loose tooth last week she has been wiggling and wiggling waiting for it to fall out.  When it finally did she didn't even realize it!  She looks pretty cute with her toothless smile!

Ready to put her tooth fairy pillow under her pillow...then she threatened the boys that they better go to sleep so that the Tooth Fairy doesn't pass her by!

She woke up...early for her...and excitedly checked her pillow to find this!!!

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  1. Aubrey is so adorable! I bet the boys were jealous that the tooth fairy visited her. Haha! I love how you still practice the tooth fairy tradition. I don't actually remember my "tooth fairy encounters," but my parents kept pictures of toothless me in family albums. You could tell by my look on the photos how excited I was, almost as excited as Aubrey! Haha! :)

    Calandra Novak


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