Thursday, June 5, 2014

Off to Mykonos Island!

When our time in Athens came to an end we all hopped on a plane and headed to Mykonos Island for some fun in the sun and relaxation.  The pace from one part of Greece to the other was incredible.  It was when we got there that we really got to visit with some of the other top 100 earners and made some great friendships.

The Royal Myconian was beautiful!  The walk to and from the beach was steep but worth every step.  Finding our room was like being in a maze but by the end of our stay there we were well acquainted with all the passageways. 

The hotel had several different welcoming places where we could all gather and get to know each other.   I loved the spaciousness of this lobby!

Outdoor bar and sun porch.


The rooms were HUGE and so very nice!  

King sized bed I would love to have brought home with me!

The Sea Satin...Hands down my favorite restaurant of the entire trip!

View from our room! How can you wake up in a bad mood when you wake up to this?

Relaxing on the beach!

More views from Mykonos to come...

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