Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fisher Price House Party!

I was thrilled to get chosen to host the Fisher Price Playdate sponsored by House Party!  I had hosted in the past but never a toy playdate so I couldn't wait for my party pack to come.  I was floored to come home from Disney with this huge box filled with goodies that we got to keep!

The Servin' Surprises Kitchen and Table
Servin' Surprises High Chair Set
Servin' Surprises Ice Cream Set
Servin' Surprises Birthday Cake Set
Servin' Surprises Hot Dog Set
Servin' Surprises Tea Party Set
Little People Princess Songs Castle
Little People Princess Sets
Little People Loops and Swoops Amusement Park
Little People Wheelies Vehicles
Coloring Books
Music CD's

Incredible is all I can say!!!  The kids really enjoy all of the new Fisher Price toys and I am going to enjoy using the coupons as we prepare for the holiday season.  We loved hosting and hope to be chosen again.

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  1. We received the boy kit ! <3 it !! Though we are now purchasing basically this whole girl kit for christmas LOL Here is my post if you would like to check it out :-)


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