Friday, April 6, 2012

Two of my favorite things!

The Teach Me Time Clock...

...and Tootsie Rolls!

When we did sleep training with the kids back in the fall one of the things that the sleep coach from Eat-Sleep-Love suggested was a Wake Up Clock. Her other suggestions worked so well we never needed to purchase one...until the time change! The kids started getting up at 5 am again and it made for a crabby day so I searched and found the Teach Me Time Clock on Amazon. I love the way it is so easy to operate and the kids got the hang of it right away. I explained how it worked and the first morning when they woke up I went in and told them it wasn't green took several reminders but the second it turned green they all started chanting "IT'S GREEN! IT"S GREEN!" After that we haven't had an issue with them getting up before 6 am. You can set the time for whenever but I did 6 for now and plan to creep it forward if they start sleeping in more. It even has worked to keep Aubrey in her own bed rather than in the white bed that we have set up in our room in case of sickness or something for the littles.

Tootsie rolls have encouraged better dinnertime habits. At the start of the meal we put one tootsie roll in front of each of them and when they have eaten at least a good portion of their meal they can have the tootsie roll. Not to promote junk food but a tootsie roll a day to get in some veggies, meat and grains is worth it to me! The first day Brady was the only one to recieve his tootsie roll and we had three melting down toddlers for the evening wanting one but we didn't give in and they figured it out.

Two less battles to fight each day! YAY!

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